A portable (cross-platform) EVE Online launcher

  • Windows
  • Linux (64-bit, Ubuntu 13.04)
    • Binaries aren't kept up-to-date so much, as running from source on linux is so easy
    • GUI: 0.4.2 / 0.3.0
    • CLI: 0.4.2 / 0.3.0
  • Mac
    • Anyone fancy buying me a mac so I can compile things on it? :P
    • Running from source should be fine though
  • Source: GitHub / Zip
    • Requires Python 2.7 / Requests / wxWidgets python bindings for your OS
    • "master" branch is generally the most recently released version (maybe plus superficial fixes); "develop" is where new things get worked on

Remember all your usernames

Launch all of them at once

Remember passwords (Or not)

One master password, used as AES encryption key to safely* store the rest

* storing encrypted passwords is still less secure than not storing passwords at all. If you don't trust the encryption, you can enter the passwords each time you run the launcher. Or if you don't trust the software at all, you can leave the username and password fields blank and just use it to launch different eve folders.

Systray icon

Double click to hide main window

Right click → launch character


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